Here are some testimonials in our customers own words

Mark Ainslie February 1, 2015

I had my doubts, but I am amazed how good these shoes are. 
My feet are weird, I admit it. They are very wide and when they are cramped into narrow shoes they hurt a lot. The selection of cycling shoes is so limited that I needed to have custom shoes made for my feet. Two different custom molded shoes companies have made shoes for me, both have failed to solve the problem. On most rides I need to take a break in order to take my shoes off for awhile to let the pain subside. 
Now my feet don't hurt when I ride. My ankle and knee track straight, my foot is flat with no shin muscles used to keep my foot in alignment. I am climbing the same hills one to two gears higher now, still slow but having more fun. You can really tell the difference of stiffness and lightness when climbing and sprinting. 
I have watched Roger and Rex develop these shoes, with continuing improvement to the design. The best idea is to have the shoes wrap around the foot and heel which holds it in place. My shoes are the 15th working prototype. At first I thought they looked funny, now I think they are beautiful. The lace cover cleans up the look, makes the shoes water resistant and aerodynamic. 
I don't know what the future holds for Roger and Rex but this is a huge success. 

Dave Morgan
November 16, 2015

Review: Ainslie Brothers Carbon Cycling Shoes

Summary: Perfect fit and superior performance in a lightweight and elegant carbon/Kevlar design.
Construction: Full custom handmade lace-up shoe with carbon soles and Kevlar uppers (with some leather between Kevlar layers).

Test Conditions: About 350 miles, both road and track.

Fit, Comfort, and Performance: The fit has been perfect from day one. The full custom fit means there is no need for foot beds or arch supports. I have not experienced any hot spots. (All rides have been in normal weight socks in cool to hot weather.)  There is room for my toes but the fit is not loose. The fit around the heel is snug and rigid. This causes mild discomfort while walking but presents no issues once on the bike. Knee motion and position relative to the top tube is just right and I did not need any shims. There is no lost motion inside the shoe and no apparent flex; the connection between foot and bike is remarkable.

Appearance: The shoes are simple yet eye-catching combination of modern materials and classic, lace-up design. The symmetrical weave of the Kevlar uppers flows nicely in to the lay of the carbon sole. The lace-up system includes simple black laces (that stay tight) and nickel-plated eyelets. The heel and toe protectors are small aluminum pieces glued to the carbon soles.  

Weight: My feet are about a size 9 (Euro 42) in a B width. The shoes weigh 467 grams/pair not including the cleats.

Cleat and Bike Set-up: Rex and Roger provided expert guidance regarding cleat and saddle position to improve my position and performance on the track. I replicated the position on my road bike.

Other Impressions: I like these shoes a lot. The form, fit, and function is perfect. Although they are new they already remind me of some of my favorite tools.
In anything at all, perfection is finally attained not when there is no longer anything to add, but when there is no longer anything to take away, when a body has been stripped down to its nakedness.
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
Wind, Sand and Stars

Eric Geier                                                                 January 31, 2016

The Ainslie Brothers make, hands down, the best cycling shoes available on this side of the Atlantic Ocean (maybe anywhere).

I got these shoes around the same time I upgraded my track frame, and it was clear that the shoes actually made a bigger difference for my pedaling efficiency and power transfer than the frame did. When I put them on, I felt so connected to the bike that I could feel the drag in the bearings of the (nearly brand new) bottom bracket for the first time.

The stiffness of these shoes comes from the fact that the sole and heel cup is constructed of 100% carbon. The carbon is laid up around a mold of your foot and ankle, so the fit is perfect. Importantly, this eliminates entirely the need for padded insoles, which translates to a stiffer shoe and better transfer of power into the pedal.

Roger and Rex are an absolute pleasure to work with. I received one of the first pairs of shoes they produced, when they were barely out of the testing phase. The fitting process was quick and easy, and Rex is extremely professional. Any issue I had they were happy to address immediately and in a way that improved the final product. Roger and Rex went out of their way to insure that the fit of the shoes was comfortable, and added aluminum kick plates on the heels and toes to prevent wear.

After riding and racing in these, the very real performance benefits I feel make it hard for me to imagine ever going back to a name brand shoe. 
You, too, could be ruined forever.