The Shoe

These shoes are the lightest, stiffest and  most comfortable shoes in the world.

Handmade in California from a cast of your feet. These shoes offer the best fit ever. Our unique process allow these shoes to achieve 100 percent contact to the bottom of your foot. This means that there are no hotspots and allows maximum power transfer to the pedals. These shoes can also be widened to accommodate for medical issues and problem areas that other shoes can aggravate over time.

 The shoes are your connection to your bicycle, where man meets machine. We are selling more than just a shoe, it is an orthotic and a key component of your bicycle. Your shoes are probably the most important part of your bicycle, maybe even more so than the frame. 

These shoes look unlike any other because they are built unlike any other. Traditional shoes have been made the same way for hundreds of years with only the materials improving. Standard lasts providing the base for the shoes shape, but standard lasts are not made to an individuals foot. They are designed to support the average foot shape, not your foot shape. We have started from the ground up developing new methods in molding, carbon design and ergonomics to create the ultimate custom shoe. 


This innovative method allows us to make shoes half the weight of an standard shoe. Tested at just 150 grams for a size 46/13  (estimated 115 for a size 42/9). This allows the possibility of reducing the weight of the rider by an average of 300 grams. This is a huge saving for anybody looking for an edge in competition. Light shoes also reduce rotating weight on your cranks allowing you to spin faster with less effort.


Our shoes were first designed as a sprinter shoe. Stiffness and durability were big factors during development. By using materials like carbon fiber and Kevlar*, our shoes are designed to last. We build our shoes to be incredibly stiff while remaining extraordinarily light.    


One of the most overlooked aspects of a shoe is the fit. Comfort is crucial to performance. By having a perfect fit, it eliminates pain that could otherwise hinder your potential.  This allows all of your power to be transmitted into the pedals. Prototypes were shown to improve max power of a individual during a sprint, and increase threshold power significantly. Again, because these shoes are molded directly to your foot there is no wasted movement during the pedal stroke. Imagine 2 mm of movement every revolution for 100 Kilometers, with an average cadence of 90 and average speed of 30 kph that's almost 36 meters of wasted movement! People who try our shoes and say that they are the most comfortable shoes they have ever ridden. 

Available in Road/Track and Ultralight styles to fit your needs. These shoes can be customized to your personal preference. 


We are currently developing Triathlon and Mountain models. Check back for updates.