When building this shoe we tried to design the best shoe in the world.

We have succeeded  

This is the most comfortable cycling shoe you will ever wear. Every feature has been thought through to perform at its absolute best. 

Starting with the base construction, we build each shoe individually to contour every curve of your foot. This provides the perfect platform for our shoes. 

The sides of our shoes curve up to form a cup that holds your foot without any unnecessary pressure. Allowing a better fit for the upper against your foot. Less pressure is needed to hold your foot in the correct position, unlike most shoes that need to clamp down on your foot to stop movement and also blood circulation.

 Our asymmetric upper design along wit laces allow the shoe to make better contact with the metatarsals providing a closer fit than ever before. 

This shoe will last a very long time. We take pride in our construction making a product that can survive whatever you throw at it. The cost of this is weight. Fortunately it is still as light or even lighter than any shoe on the market. But if you are looking for every edge you can the Ultralight will be for you. 

 Whether you are trying to win a Grand Tour or just a hobbyist looking for relief, anybody can benefit from a pair of these shoes. 

Lead time is 6-8 weeks


If you are interested in a pair or just curious please leave us a message in the Contact section