Our processes starts with a mold of your foot. If you live in southern California we will come and mold your feet personally.  We ask questions that help us build the perfect shoe for you and your tastes. The whole process only takes about one hour.

Our Story

We are two brothers with a passion for cycling and improving the sport.

Roger the older of the brothers started with his dream of becoming a champion of cycling.                    

We started out of necessity, Roger needed custom shoes for his strange feet and were disappointed in the custom shoes available. So he started building his own. After a few failed attempts his kind and amazing brother Rex, saw pity on him and started building the shoes. Roger started to study bio-mechanics and bike fit. Consulting experts in a variety of fields and offered critiques that only a anal veteran would be able to give. Rex incorporated his critiques in the prototypes. Working from the ground up to redesign the shoe and the methods for constructing them.